KATIA FERREIRA Knowledge & Expertise


A little bit of who I am...

My name is Katia Ferreira, I've been Physical Therapist, especialized in neurology, for 40 years now. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, CranioSacral Therapist,  Fitness & Rehab Pilates Instructor, Holistic Practitioner, and Transformational Coach. Even coming from a highly trained academic structure in the medical field, I chose after few years of practice, to start adding holistic modalities into my personal life and to serve my clients and patients in a more diverse way. Being studious as a hobby, I’ve been going through extensive Coaching Programs in order to benefit myself and offer to my clients other ways to get out of the comfort zone and expand our consciousness beyond the limitations of the body.       

My vision brought me to work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essences of The Human Being simultaneously, bringing to my practice and teaching me in my life, the daily celebration of being alive.




We all grew up accumulating many layers of conditioning's that have been imposed to us since our very early age and we ended up creating a set of repetitive thoughts, behaviors and reactions that undermine us and take us to unconsciously repeat the same situations we don't like, over and over again. It is overwhelming to live a life where doesn’t fit our aspirations anymore. Life becomes monotonous, the dreams fade away and sure enough we feel lifeless, tired, with a restless sleep, in pain, holding resentments, hiding anger and much more... 

Let's work together and honor this amazing opportunity of being alive right here and right now, healing the wounds of the past, taking care of the discomforts of the present and open up space to fit your dreams again.

Count on me to support you in this creative journey to de-construct the old patterns and build a life you deserve to live in.



We get so used to our same old, same old way of thinking, doing and being, that we even stop questioning ourselves about what is more out there for me, how can we be happier, healthier, more active, proactive, wealthier… We turn on the automatic pilot and just go through the motions, forgetting the e-motions. Sometimes we loose our keys or miss the exit of the freeway going home just because we are not present. We disconnect our body, mind, feelings and our soul from the present moment so badly that we can get physically hurt and sometimes even catch ourselves walking or driving like zombies: just awake but truly, inside, we are kind of dead!!! Until the moment that The Universe decides to surprise us in a very non-traditional way, in form of pain, des-ease, or other unexpected situation as an accident or emotional distress, as an invitation to wake us up and force us to make 'the change' we so need, to finally experience hope and feel alive again, and luckily empowered to transform our 'status quo' and move forward.